Ngày cập nhật 22/03/2017


  • Area: 150 ha.
  • Geographical location: It is located in Quang Vinh Commune, Quang Dien District. Both of its sides border the following traffic roads: the flood evacuation route connecting with the Provincial Route 9 - 9 km away from Phong Dien IZ and the road of World Bank Project connecting with the Provincial Route 11A. It is about 20 km away from the Dien Loc Specialized Seaport, 20 km from the Van Xa Railway Station to the West, 20 km from the Thuan An Seaport, 35 km from the Phu Bai International Airport and 75 km from the Chan May Seaport.
  • Potentials and advantages: The Zone is in Quang Dien district, mostly covered by a lagoon with a surface area of 3,535.73 ha (Tam Giang Lagoon) and 439.9 ha of rivers and lakes that create favorable conditions for aquaculture.
  • Orientation for investment attraction:

- Priority should be given to calling for the investment projects for construction and operating of infrastructure of industrial zones.

- For the industrial manufacture projects: Priority should be given to fishery and agricultural product processing, knitting-dyeing-sewing industry, textile industry and agricultural equipment manufacture.


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