Thua Thien Hue Economic and Industrial zones - Results of Investment attraction in the first 9 months of 2017
Ngày cập nhật 07/09/2017

Implementation of Plan No 196/KH-UBND dated December 23rd 2016 on the Launch of "Year of Thua Thien Hue Business 2017" with the target to attract 20 projects in economic and industrial zones with a total registered of VND 6,000 billion, a disbursed rate of VND 3,500 billion, up 43% compared to 2016, increasing the occupancy rate of established industrial zones (Phu Bai, Phong Dien) to over 45% and 25% for other industrial zones.

From the beginning of the year, Management Board of Thua Thien Hue economic and industrial zones has urgently carried out investment promotion activities; introducing list of projects calling for investment; building up database and publishing materials for investment promotion activities; participating into investment promotion seminars organized by Ministry of Planning and Investment and Thua Thien People's Committes.

In the first 9 months of 2017, the Management Board has licensed investment decisions, investment registration certificates for 08 projects with a total investment capital of VND 2,061.5 billion. Some big projects have been licensed: Berth No 2 of Chan May Port with registered capital of VND 849 billion, land area of ​​14 hectares; Suoi Voi tourist area project of Hoa Lu - Hue Investment, Trading and Service Co., Ltd with registered capital of VND 218.2 billion, land area of 51.1 hectares; Frit production plant with the capacity of 65,000 tons/year of Hue Frit Joint Stock Company with registered capital of VND 175.5 billion; Granite tile factory with the capacity of 7.2 million m2/year of Phu Loc Vitto Company, registered capital of VND 610.9 billion, land use area of ​​10 ha; Project of spinning OE 2.688 rotor plant of Phu Quang Fiber Joint Stock Company, registered capital of VND 160 billion.

Uptill now, Thua Thien Hue economic and industrial zones have attracted 150 projects with total registered capital of VND 65,680 billion; including 34 FDI projects worth USD 1,741 million, disbursed capital  of VND 20,470 billion, accounting for 31,24% of registered capital.

Average occupancy rate of industrial zones stays at 39,6%, including:

+ Phu Bai industrial zone: Phase I&II with an occupancy rate of 98%, phase IV with an occupancy rate of 8,9%.

+ Phong Dien industrial zone: Lot A (33%), Lot B and expansion area (74%).

+ Phu Da industrial zone: 41,1%.

+ La Son industrial zone: 20,9%.

+ Tu Ha industrial zone: 1,2%;

To achieve the target of attracting 20 projects in 2017, the Management Board sets out some specific tasks and solutions as follow:

- Completion of common master plan on building Chan May – Lang Co economic zone and adjusting this master plan; completing the planning on Lang Co – Canh Duong international Urban –Eco – Tourism & Resort Project and detailed plan on Tu Ha industrial zone.

- Completion of necessary conditions for developing supporting industry to serving textile and garment industry in Phong Dien industrial zone.

- Changing and improving the efficiency of investment promotion activities, creating motivation for development of economic and industrial zones, calling for investment from infrastructure developers, prestigious secondary investors with financial strength such as FLC Group, Vingroup, Bitexco, Viglacera, BRG, Kaiokai (Japan), etc. while promoting cooperation with international organizations like JICA, KOICA, JETRO, etc. to strengthen investment promotion programs.

- Calling for investment in construction of Berth No 4, 5, 6 at Chan May Port and tourism berth; calling for investment in industrial zones, increasing occupancy rate of industrial zones, giving priority to industrial zones with completed infrastructure including Phong Dien, La Son, Phu Bai (phase IV), Tu Ha, industrial zone inside Chan May – Lang Co economic zone. Making use of the Central Government’s budget, of the province or from business community to construct concentrated waste water treatment plant for industrial zones; calling for investment in construction of infrastructure for Phu Da and Quang Vinh industrial zones.

- Mobilizing all resources for developing tourism infrastructure and services in Lang Co township toward development of tourism services for Chan May – Lang Co economic zone.

- Reviewing, assessing, classifying and withdrawing delayed projects to avoid wastefulness on land, creating healthy investment environment and opportunities for qualified investors to invest.

- Quick address on procedures related to planning, investment, construction to start construction of projects in economic and industrial zones.


Besides, in order to create favorable conditions for investment attraction, the Management Board has implemented the plan on organizing dialogues, on a monthly basis, with businesses in the economic and industrial zones to timely remove difficulties for them as well as to listen to their proposals related to business and production activities.

We have been active in coordinating with related departments and agencies to organize propaganda programs on new regulations, legal seminars for enterprises; providing legal guidance on labor, insurance, trade union, etc.

In the process of project implementation, we have supported and created favorable conditions for enterprises to carry out their projects on schedule. To large – scale projects, we have established working groups to coordinate with investors, People’s Committees of Districts to timely solve any emerged problem.

Management Board of Thua Thien Hue economic and industrial zones
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